1. If your significant other claims to, or is known to “have a thing” for men/women of your race.

This is called fetishism, which generally consists of sexual/physical attraction based on stereotypes. For example: the “exotic” Asian/African women…



Please stop making fanart of the high schoolers who died on the ferry. That’s extremely disrespectful. You have no idea what was going on with them at the time and you have no right to make up little cutesy sad stories about them. They are not your objects to play with as you wish.
Pray for Korea. Don’t turn it into your fantasy playground.

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It has been a tough time for everyone these days. There’s been quite a few deaths as well as the ferry tragedy. It’s kept me away from my projects, but Cheer up! 

6 boys living together, but not all getting along each other,  complete with flaws. I decided I was totally sick of the perfect man (although if you find one let me know!). I hope we’ll have fun finally getting to know them. I feel like looking at them it is obvious what their personalities are like, but if you can’t tell you’ll find out ^^

The co-founders of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, hangin’ out, splittin’ logs, as you do ^______^

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All of these people that I meet,
it seems like they’re fine.

Yeah in some ways I hope they’re not,
and their hearts are like mine.


Heart felt condolences to those lost in the tragedy. 코리아 힘내요!